Thank you so much for putting your trust in me with your website.

How We'll Work Together

I'm so excited to work with you and this section will help you understand how it all works.

In addition to my coaching work, I have a busy private practice here in New York City, and I also homeschool my kids. I tend to find it hard to get on the phone, so we'll do most of our work together by email.

Your first step will be to choose a project start date. Please note—you’ll need to have everything assembled for me by your start date, so give yourself enough time to get everything together for me. I’m happy to answer questions during this time if anything is unclear.

Your start date is your deadline to submit all materials to me, create any accounts, and give me necessary permissions.

If you need help choosing a hosting platform, we’ll schedule a 15-minute project kickoff call. I recommend reviewing all the information on this page before we get on the phone together so we can make the best use of our time together.

Your final step will be to complete my website survey, due by your project start date. You will get an invite to a Dropbox folder which you'll use to send me files. Do not send separate documents or files via email because that's a surefire way for me to lose track of them :)

Your services will be completed within 5 weeks of your project start date—so choose wisely, there is a ticking clock on my end :)

For your website, I'll want you to start collecting:

  • photo of you

  • photos of you with babies

  • bio

  • mission statement

  • description of your services, including your fees if you want them publicly posted, and what clients can expect from working with you

  • other text you may want on your website, such as areas of expertise, additional training, inclusive practices, etc

  • testimonials from clients, and if they’ll also give you pictures this will be such a wonderful component to your website

  • logo if you have one (if you don't I recommend DIY through canva.com or I can make one for you in Canva for an additional $50)

  • If you do home visits, I’ll need some geographical keywords for your service areas. For example, if we’re just chatting at a conference and you ask me where I’m from, I’ll say “NYC.” I may qualify with “Queens.” But on my website, I’m specifying about 2 dozen specific neighborhoods where I’ll go, and I’m also using these keywords in my SEO. Just because I’m from Queens doesn’t mean I’ll go to Howard Beach or Far Rockaway. Also think about the terms people use to describe their neighborhoods. Here in NYC, we can get pretty granular about neighborhoods. It would make no sense for me to say “I cover Queens and Brooklyn, because if I’m coming from a home visit in Jackson Heights, Queens, I may not have enough travel time to get to you in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but I could definitely reach you in Greenpoint. Brooklyn. So be specific and think of how your region and area works, geographically and travel-wise.

If there is anything in the survey that is unclear to you, please feel free to email me. I'm happy to provide you with guidance at this stage of things. 

Please know that I'm here for you and am committed to your success!, i


How do I get a domain name?

You’ll need to purchase a domain name, which can be done through a service like GoDaddy. Do not activate the website builder or email options; you’ll be doing those outside of GoDaddy. I may need access to your GoDaddy account and will let you know if I do.

Which website builder should I choose?

Squarespace is my website builder of choice. I find it to be the most flexible and visually appealing of all the website builders. It provides the platform to build your site, as well as the hosting.

If you want to manage your own hosting, then Wordpress is the way to go--but make sure you choose .org not .com as the latter does not offer you much flexibility at all and is really designed for text-based blogging, not a business website. There are many different options for web hosts out there and I recommend using the latest recommendations from Wordpress as the landscape changes so frequently. I will probably not need access to your web host but will let you know if I do.

You may already have something set up on Weebly.com, and I can work with that. However, you’ll need to activate the $10/month plan as there’s not much we can do with the free version.

And if you’re already set up on Wix.com, you’ll most likely want the $14/month plan.

If you are hosting your website through a service like GoDaddy, Vistaprint, or Wordpress.com, the design possibilities will be severely limited. I recommend switching to Squarespace and at the end of our work together I will talk you through transferring your domain name from your old host to Squarespace.

How to add me as an admin

  • Squarespace: go to Settings > Permissions and add me as a user with full Admin privileges

  • Wordpress.org self-hosted site: Users > Add New with full Administrator privileges

  • Weebly: Settings > Editor > Add Editor

  • Wix: Settings > Roles & Permissions > Add as Contributor with full Admin privileges

Photo tips

The more of your own photos you have, the more personal and effective your website will be. While there are plenty of wonderful sites where you can purchase stock photos, you run the risk of seeing a photo you’ve chosen show up somewhere else.

When purchasing stock photography, you’re purchasing the right to use the photo in place (like your website) for a certain amount of time. Some photos are labeled as royalty-free, meaning once you purchase the license to the photo, you can use it indefinitely. Other licenses may have an expiration date, meaning you will need to pay again.

Here’s what you can’t do: download a photo you like from someone else’s website. That’s a copyright violation, and against the IBLCE Code of Professional Conduct. Here’s what you can do: ask for permission to use a photo on your website. You’ll need written, signed permission from both the person who took the photo and the people who appear in the photo. This is called a release.

While your headshot doesn’t have to be professionally shot and polished, like the photos you see for conference speakers, you will want to spend a little time on it. You may have a selfie that you love, but if the background is busy or cluttered it’s not going to represent you at your best.

“Action shots” of you working with babies can communicate so much about how you make a connection with families during a consult. It can help persuade those who are unsure whether a lactation consultant is worth the money. When they see what it looks like, they can imagine how they' will be helped.

Stock photography sites:

Writing for non-writers

I get it—it’s hard to write about yourself. It can feel like bragging, or you can have a hard time figuring out exactly what you want to say. Just write the truth. For your bio, you want to communicate your qualifications, your relevant personal history, and any credentials, degrees, licenses, awards, and honors you have. Write your bio in the third person, and focus it on you.

Think of your mission statement like an action directed towards the client. What do you want to do for families and your community? This is your opportunity to focus on your client and tell them why you’re the best person to meet their needs. This also gets written in the third person.

When writing about your services, write in the 1st person: “I come to you” or 2nd person (even better) “You’ll get a 2-hour home visit.”

Don’t worry about making it sound perfect—that’s my job. Just pour your heart into expressing what makes you awesome and let me worry about making it polished and professional.

How to connect your social media accounts

If you’re using Squarespace, adding your social media accounts to your website settings will often provide you with increased functionality and some integrated sharing.

Squarespace: go to Settings > Connected Accounts and list them here.