Virtual Triage FAQ

Thank you so much for purchasing a Virtual Triage session. You've taken an important step towards improving your private practice, and I'm so glad you're taking it with me.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your practice better, and provide you with tools and resources to take your paperless practice to the next level. I'm ready to meet you where you are.

We can work together by email or by video chat on Marco Polo. To get started, I'll need you to fill out this needs assessment form.

Once I get it, I'll get to work, and will have a comprehensive report for you within about 3 weeks of receiving the information I need. I may reach out with additional questions for you along the way, and if you have any questions about the way I work, or think of something you left out, please feel free to write me.

Thanks again--this is going to be fun.