Welcome to the IBCLC Private Practice Essential Toolkit!

This page is an FAQ for the IBCLC Private Practice Essential Toolkit. Road maps, strategies, checklists, legal documents, workbooks, and resources—by an IBCLC for IBCLCs.

What do I do first?

When you purchased the Toolkit, you got a link to download a .zip file containing every file in the Toolkit. You’ll want to save that to your computer and unzip it to reveal the files. You can then open them in the appropriate app or program by simply double clicking. If you store them in iCloud or Dropbox or other cloud-based file storage, you’ll be able to open them on any connected device.

If you’re just starting your private practice from the beginning, here’s a suggested flow:

  1. Read IBCLC Private Practice: From Start to Strong

  2. Work through the Private Practice Checklist Worksheet

  3. Get your business infrastructure set up following the recommendations in Start to Strong

  4. Read the first part of Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC (save the tech training for later)

  5. Implement secure solutions for your email, fax, and document storage based on the recommendations in Paperless Private Practice and using the HIPAA Checklist

  6. Download the Consent for Care and personalize it with your information

  7. Research which charting platform you want to use using the EHR Comparison Chart. This might be a good moment to use your free Virtual Consult—to activate, purchase the Virtual Consult. You’ll receive 100% off with code QQXW4U1 at checkout.

  8. Print the module for the charting platform you’d like to use, and follow the step-by-step instructions to configure it for use. Or you can use the code in your Toolkit to hire me to do it for you

  9. Add the Consent for Care into your charting platform

  10. Research what you’d like to do for your business phone line and secure messaging using the Communications Services Comparison Chart and the Guide to Secure Messaging

  11. Read through the Crash Course

  12. Create your payment policies based on what you’ve learned in the Crash Course. Use the Fee Calculator if you’re in-network with insurance.

  13. Customize the Superbill for out-of-network clients, or use the Tech Handbook to learn how your platform creates superbills

  14. Read through the Social Media Disclaimers and Email Scripts and think about your own social media presence

  15. Work through the Policies and Procedures Workbook using everything you’ve learned to write down how your private practice will work.

  16. Build your website (or use the code in your Toolkit to hire me to build it for you). Make sure it includes the Website Terms and Conditions (and the Notice of Privacy Practices if you’re in the US)

  17. Write up some protocols for your care plans and pediatrician reports using the links in the Resource Collection.

This is a lot of stuff! How do I figure out what to do first?

I heard something about lifetime upgrades

Yes, you heard correctly!

Every time I add a new resource to the Toolkit, you’ll get an email from me where I’ll share what I’ve made with you.

There’s no extra fee—these upgrades are included and available to you for the lifetime of the Toolkit.

At any point, you can ask me to send you a special email where you can download the whole Toolkit all over again.

What’s the deal with the Resource Collection?

You’ll get a separate email from a service called Workflowy inviting you to sign up. This is how you’ll get access to the Client Friendly Links for Breastfeeding Professionals.

Help! I lost my files

Just send me a message and I’ll send another download link your way.

How do I make sure I’m not missing anything?

Here’s the current list of everything in the Toolkit:

  • Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC and IBCLC Private Practice: From Start to Strong. The .mobi version is suitable for the free Kindle reader app, and the .epub version will open on most e-reader apps. The PDF version can be printed.

  • Training Modules for G-Suite, ChARM, Jane, Simple Practice, and Mobile Lactation Consultant

  • Forms & Templates contains customizable HIPAA notice of privacy practices, consent for care, payment policies, client satisfaction survey, and formal client discharge

  •  Access codes for charting templates created for several major EHR platforms, along with templates that can be used in a DIY charting solution.

  • Secure Messaging Demystified explains how to incorporate secure messaging in a client-friendly way.

  • Social Media Disclaimers and Scripts will give you guidelines for interacting with clients on Facebook, Instagram, your mailing list, and more.

  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions suitable for posting on your website.

  • EHR Comparison Chart and Communications Services Comparison Chart provide at-a-glance references for choosing the right solutions.

  • HHS Model Notice of Privacy Practices from hhs.gov

  • HIPAA Checklist

  • Private Practice Checklist

  • Policies and Procedures Workbook 

What if I want a hard copy?

There’s no shame in wanting paper to read :)

The PDF versions are suitable for printing.

You can also purchase print versions of both books directly from me for less than the Amazon list prices.

Can I share this with my partner, intern, colleague, student, or anyone else?

The purchase is for a single user only. Please contact me if you’re in a group practice to find out options for licensing additional members of your practice.

Am I allowed to post anything in here on my website?

The Website Policies are meant to be posted on your website. I ask that you please take note that you’re supposed to include a copyright notice that reads something like © 2018 PAPERLESS IBCLC LLC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I’d love for you to post quotes from my books anywhere and everywhere! Please include a link to this website (paperlessibclc.com) and my name so I can get credit :)

I’d prefer that you not post my consent forms on your website.

How do I get my free Virtual Consult?

Purchase the Virtual Consult. You’ll receive 100% off with code QQXW4U1 at checkout.