(Print) Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC

(Print) Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC


This listing is for the print version of the book.

Go Paperless and Set Yourself Free!

Welcome to Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC, your guide to maximizing technology to serve your clients and grow your business. Whether you are newly certified or have been in practice for 20 years, whether you are a digital native or still using paper and pen, you can use this manual to harness online solutions to tame private practice and free you up to best serve your clients and their babies.

I believe everyone can learn, from the littlest baby just beginning to breastfeed to the IBCLC who certified in the very first year of testing. Think of this book as the tech version of the IBCLC—you will get information, instruction, and encouragement to implement the solutions that work best for your practice, and it will empower you to reach your fullest potential as a private practice IBCLC.

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Paperless Private Practice for the IBCLC is a book that will walk you through choosing, customizing, implementing, and optimizing technology to make your private practice paperless.  If you have already chosen an app or service, you can use the step-by-step guides in my book which are tailored to the specific ways IBCLCs practice.  You can also use the book to decide which solutions make the most sense for your specific needs.

Throughout the book, I’ve included curated resources designed to help you dive deeper into any given topic  It includes an in-depth discussion of HIPAA because it’s critical you understand your responsibilities.  My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to create a paperless private practice that works efficiently and effectively, and to empower you to perform appropriate risk assessments towards a mindful use of technology.

The first half of the book provides you with a framework for understanding your legal and ethical requirements in a private practice setting, and provides tips and resources for productivity and efficiency.  The second half of the book offers step-by-step guides for setting up and customizing the various solutions and systems for paperless private practice.  These guides are thorough and designed for use by someone with no prior experience using technology.

Table of Contents:

  1. Envisioning Your Private Practice

    1. Your Responsibilities as an IBCLC

    2. Efficient and Profitable Business Practices

    3. Limits, Boundaries, Self Care and Compassion Fatigue

  2. Legal Considerations

    1. A Note on HIPAA

    2. A Note on Intellectual Property and Permissions

    3. A Note on Social Media

  3. Getting Started

    1. Choosing Your Hardware

    2. Choosing Your Mobile Device(s)

    3. Choosing Your Accessories

  4. Building Your Website

    1. Your Domain Name—Who You Are

    2. Your Website—More Than Just A Business Card

  5. Configuring and Using Your Paperless Office

    1. Business Services

    2. Communications

    3. Internet-Based Phone Services

    4. Texting and Messaging

    5. Email

    6. Fax

  6. Integrated Services to Boost Productivity

    1. Boilerplate Templates and Autotext

    2. File Storage

    3. Online Payments

    4. Scheduling Solutions

    5. Additional Apps for the IBCLC

  7. Practice Management Systems and Solutions

    1. Evaluating Your Need for a Practice Management System

    2. Choosing a Platform

    3. Using and Customizing Your Platform

      1. ChARM EHR

      2. G-Suite

      3. Healthie EHR

      4. MilkNotes

      5. Mobile Lactation Consultant

      6. My Clients Plus

      7. Practice Fusion

      8. Simple Practice

IBCLC Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Running a private practice as an IBCLC requires more than just your awesome clinical skills. You need to wrap your brain around the business, legal, and technical side of things. The reality is that so many lactation consultants hit the ground running in their private practices without having a stable infrastructure in place first. And it’s not long before you’re not enjoying private practice the way you thought you would. 

You’ve come this far to become an IBCLC—you just need the tools to build your dream private practice.

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