Paperless Private Practice Customization Service

Paperless Private Practice Customization Service


Interested in going paperless but starting from scratch and feeling overwhelmed? Let me do it for you! I'll develop an optimized paperless workflow that works the way you way you want to work. I will add all necessary forms for charting and will make sure you know how to use your new system.

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Thanks again for all the handholding! I am the person in my life who does this for everyone and it feels weird to be on the (grateful) receiving end. I just need to get up and running and learn from (a very smart, knowledgeable, and dedicated) *someone*—and not get bogged down in figuring it all out myself and/or reinventing the wheel.
Ana Estorino Uribasterra, BA, MFA, IBCLC, Loving Start Lactation Services
Thank you, Annie, for helping me learn (and use) the resources I needed to move into a dream job that I have been fearful to pursue!
Janet Colson, IBCLC, Modern Lactation

Make me your admin and I will do it all for you. Customization will be completed within 6 weeks of receiving all the information I need from you. Once I'm finished on my end you will get 2 weeks of email support.

I only take a small number of customization clients each month, so if this item is out of stock please contact me to join my waitlist.

Includes access to all my charting templates for every EHR system. If you do not have your own consent forms, you may purchase that separately. Group practices: please contact me for group pricing.

We launched our business today. I’m close to tears writing this, as I’m confident we would be nowhere near ready without your support - thank you. This is a huge moment for us, and we couldn’t have done it without your help!
Genevieve Backus & Laura Swan, The Latch Lab

Platforms supported:

  • Jane

  • ChARM

  • Mobile Lactation Consultant

  • Acuity Scheduling

  • G-Suite

  • Office 365

  • Practice Fusion

  • Simple Practice +$50

  • My Clients Plus +$50

  • Healthie EHR +$50

  • If you'd like me to customize a platform not listed here, an additional fee of $125 will apply.

  • Full terms and conditions are available here.

At first I was hesitate due to the cost since setting up a private practice is so expensive, but worth every penny after I decided to go for it. Working with Annie was very enjoyable and feeling the support means so much. Thank you so much for everything-
Michele Sandberg RN,BSN,IBCLC
I’m probably the least tech savvy person I know. I hate all the stuff we have to do with charts and reports... I decided it could be worth my while to just let Annie handle everything for me, and just have her set me up on Jane. Let me tell you... not only is Annie a super sweet woman in person, but she is easy, effective, and funny to work with. I’m all set on Jane, and I spent maybe a half hour looking over stuff, in the entire process! Sooooo worth it!
Trine Bradshaw, Breast for Baby LLC
Worth every penny. It gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that I’m doing things the right way. Each day I work on it it gets a little easier and having a “coach” who has been there makes all the difference. Thank you so much for everything.
Katie Atkins, BS, IBCLC, Arkansas Lactation
I am an RN for almost 30 years and an IBCLC since 2003. I have charted and sent reports and care plans on a multitude of different hospital based systems. HIPAA was a second language. How hard could it be to cover all of my bases and figure out how to use a highly recommended program? Lol..not easy at all! Trying to accommodate my routine and habits and combining schedule, payments and consents? Has to be THE most overwhelming process of going into private practice. It can distract you from the very reasons you do go into private practice. I reached out to Annie in complete despair. Without her help? I’d be writing my notes back on paper towels ( as any nurse could relate to lol) I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and how it will only continue being more clear! I highly recommend hiring Annie and avoid the frustration and time wasted trying to figure it out on your own. Thank you Annie!
Catherine Olson, RN, IBCLC