Completing your project

Whew, we did it! You have just taken a huge leap in your private practice. I’m excited to hear what happens next. I truly enjoy hearing from you about your successes and challenges.

I do have a few housekeeping jobs for you to do:

  • Move everything out of the shared Dropbox folder, as I will not be storing anything long term. I recommend logging in through and downloading the entire folder.

  • Change all your passwords (you should be doing this regularly, BTW). Do this now.

  • I will be manually removing myself from your account(s) 4 weeks after the completion of our work together.

  • Please fill out this survey, as it helps me in improving my services. Thank you :)

If you’d like to continue to work with me

Of course, I’d love that! I offer an email support package, or you can book a phone call with me. Visit my services page to sign up. Use code THANKYOU for 10% off either option.

I also offer a retainer package if you’d like me to make future updates to your website or charting platform, starting at $199 for 2 hours of work that can be used any way you like. Contact me for more information or send the fee directly by PayPal .