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How to choose a charting platform for your lactation practice

Setting up the infrastructure for your lactation consultant private practice involved a lot of decisions, and managing your client files and communications can feel daunting. There are so many options, from paper forms to 100% paperless solutions to somewhere in between.

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Charting a lactation visit for the breastfeeding dyad: to separate or combine?

Lactation visits are unique in healthcare because most of the time we’re working with a parent and their baby (or babies). That’s why in my book on private practice I compare our work to couples therapy. Our job is to bring two people together, and these two people may have very different times.

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Finding the Best EHR Charting Platform for Lactation Consultants--ChARM vs. Jane for the IBCLC

Charting style is so personal, isn't it? The more clients you see, the more you develop your own preferences for what you want and need in a charting system. Some of them are different enough that you just know they won't work for you--for example, Mobile Lactation Consultant most closely approximates paper charting, and G-Suite is the way to go if you need total control--but when they're similar in style and feel it can be hard to tell which one would make the most sense for you.

Because Jane and ChARM are so similar, I've gotten a lot of questions about how and why to pick one over the other. And there are key differences that will help you make a decision. 

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