How to Configure Email Templates in Google's Inbox

Find yourself writing the same emails over and over again to your lactation clients? If you have a HIPAA-secure email account through G-Suite, then you should know that the Inbox view allows you to create and use email templates. This feature is only available for the browser versions of Inbox, not the apps (yet). To activate the Inbox view, visit this help article from G-Suite.

To create a template, click the red plus icon in the bottom right and choose Compose. This will bring up a new blank email. Write the email you want to make into a template.

You'll see a formatting bar along the bottom of the compose window. Click the down arrow all the way on the right to bring up additional formatting options.

Click the icon that looks like a box with three lines inside it, at end on the right.

Now, you can select Make This Draft a Template. Give it a name that describes how you'll use it.

To access this template later, Compose a new email, repeat those same keystrokes but this time you'll be able to choose the template.

I'm including a screenshot from my own private practice G Suite, where you'll see I have templates created to use with my clients. I send out postpartum resources, breastfeeding-specific resources, return-to-work resources, and have a template I use to send the care plan and the baby's weight.

And psst--I can make your templates for you, or give you coaching on how to craft emails that increase client self-efficacy and prevent some of the back-and-forth that can eat up so much valuable time. Visit my services page for more information.

Using Templates to simplify client communications

Using Templates to simplify client communications

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